Health Education

San Ysidro Health offers a variety of free Health Education resources to support patients and communities in understanding healthcare advice, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and learning how to manage their health conditions, including weight management, obesity, hypertension, pre-diabetes, and type 2 diabetes. 

Health Education

Individual Health Education1:1 sessions with a Health Educator

Sessions are held in-person or over the telephone. Patients receive individualized care with a Health Educator, covering topics such as healthy lifestyle habits and prevention/management of chronic conditions. This includes nutrition, physical activity, weight management, and prevention/management of obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes.  Sessions are centered on each patient’s health needs. Health Educators work with each patient to set attainable and meaningful self-management goals to prevent complications and enhance their quality of life.

Detailed information on the topics covered and how to access these services can be found on the following pages:

o   Pediatric 1:1 Health Education (ages 0 to 12 years) Learn more

o   Adolescent 1:1 Health Education (ages 13 to 17 years) Learn more

o   Adult 1:1 Health Education (18+ years of age) Learn more

Group Q&A Health Educationvirtual sessions led by a Health Educator

Q&A Health Education consists of small-group sessions held on an easy-to-use virtual platform with up to 15 patients per session.  Sessions are led by a Health Educator and cover a range of topics around nutrition, healthy lifestyle habits, general wellness, and prevention/management of chronic conditions such as Diabetes. Click on the link for information on the full curriculum and how to access the sessions, visit Group Q&A Health Education.

Bariatric Surgery Preparation

Patients scheduled for bariatric surgery are required to attend monthly health education sessions for 6 consecutive months prior to surgery. Our Health Education program helps patients complete this requirement and ensures that they have skills and knowledge related to healthy lifestyle behaviors that will help them following the surgery.  For more information and details on how to access these services, visit Adult 1:1 Health Education.

Diabetes Prevention Program

The National Diabetes Prevention Program is a lifestyle-change program focusing on healthy eating and physical activity.  The program is for people who are diagnosed with pre-diabetes and has been proven to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

San Ysidro Health offers a year-long lifestyle change program, called Small Steps, Big Changes, at no cost to eligible patients. For more information, click here.

Project Dulce

San Ysidro Health provides Project Dulce for patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes (type 1 or 2). Classes are run virtually on a weekly basis and the course consists of 5 sessions with a curriculum to help build knowledge and skills to take control and manage diabetes.  For more information, visit Project Dulce.

Additional Health Education Programs

  • “SALSITA” Health Education & Cooking Classes (ages 5-11 yrs): As part of the SD Promise Neighborhood program, school-based health education classes, as well as in-person cooking classes at San Ysidro Health’s Maternal & Child Health Center, are offered to children in kindergarten to 3r grade.  The goal of these classes is to reinforce the importance of physical activity and healthy nutrition and teach healthy habits using the MyPlate curriculum.
  • School-Based Adolescent Sessions: Offered at Lincoln High School and Southwest High only (for students who attend those schools). Topics include sports physicals, behavioral health, reproductive health, vaccines, and health education.  
  • Parent Health Education Classes: We provide health education sessions and court-mandated classes for parents on a variety of topics, including anger-management, co-parenting, self-esteem, and how to help your child succeed in school.
  • Reach Out and Read: San Ysidro Health offers an evidence-based early literacy program focusing on developing critical reading skills in children with the help of parents and providers.

Click here to learn more about these programs.

Virtual library

San Ysidro Health provides patients with free online resources for you to access at home at a time that works for you.  Click on this link to see our virtual library that includes handouts, videos, and recorded health education sessions that address specific health issues and topics.

Health Education

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