Exciting changes are here!

San Ysidro Health is currently transitioning to a new computer system called HealthLINK. Learn more about this exciting transition below.

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Our new computer system will help us...

Provide better care

HealthLINK offers better tools for our care teams and improves how we communicate with our local care partners. Several other local healthcare providers - including Scripps Health, UCSD Health, Kaiser Permanente, and Rady Children's Hospital - use the same system!

Keep you healthier and happier

Our new system is shown to improve patient safety and lead to better health outcomes for patients. Providers rate this system the highest of any electronic medical record in the country!

Improve your overall patient experience

As a patient, you'll have more tools to manage your health and take care of your family. HealthLINK will make it easier for you to talk with your care team, support loved ones, and engage in your care.


During this transition period, you will not see major changes within the exam room or at our clinic locations. However, beginning on October 18th, wait times may be slightly longer than usual. We appreciate your patience as we work to provide you with the high-quality care you deserve!

For our patients...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HealthLINK?
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HealthLINK is an award-winning, industry-best software for patient care. This computer system is used by several other local healthcare providers like Scripps Health, UCSD Health, Kaiser Permanente, Sharp, and Rady Children's Hospital.

Why is San Ysidro Health transitioning to a new system?
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Our new system will allow us to provider better care, keep you healthier and happier, and improve your overall patient experience. HealthLINK has been shown to improve communication, patient safety, health outcomes, and more!

After the transition is complete, all of our services - including Dental, Medical, and Behavioral Health services- will all operate on the same system. This will improve how your care is connected within the San Ysidro Health network.

Is my health information safe during this transition?
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Yes. Your health information is always safe with San Ysidro Health. In fact, HealthLINK has several advanced security features that will maintain the highest level of security for your health record.

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