Supporting The Community

Real People. Real Stories.

Bella's Story

Bella has been attending various workshops organized by San Ysidro Health’s Mobile Health Services at a local school for almost 5 years.

“These programs have personally helped me as a mother, as a person of my community and improved my self-esteem,” said Bella. “Just as they have helped me, I have seen the personal growth of a lot of my friends, acquaintances, and classmates that have attended these workshops.”

San Ysidro Health Mobile Health Services operates a fleet of mobile units that travel across San Diego’s underserved communities to deliver healthcare and wellness classes to residents who would otherwise not have access to these services. The mobile units provide a variety of preventative health services and minor medical services including: well child visits, school/sports physicals, immunizations, hemoglobin tests, family planning services and parenting and anger management classes.

“I extend my gratitude to the organization for giving us (women of all ages) continued support, with workshops and classes that touch upon different topics of importance for new and inexperienced mothers.”

Physical, dental and behavioral health are important factors for a healthy life. Just as important, however, are wellness and educational resources to help the communities we serve make informed choices for themselves and their family’s well-being.

“I want to ask you to keep supporting these classes and workshops. They truly help a lot of people with our lives and personal growth.”

San Ysidro Health continues to provide compassionate care in the communities we serve across the County. We are dedicated to continue to serve San Diego’s most vulnerable communities and provide them with the comprehensive health services and resources to ensure positive health outcomes and a prosperous life.

Embracing A Culture

Your generosity helps us to continue our story of hope and health. One chapter in the story began in 2015. That’s when El Cajon’s Chaldean Middle Eastern Social Services organization was facing the prospect of shutting their clinic doors and ending services to the thousands of refugees in their care. San Ysidro Health was asked for help, and we made the commitment to ensure critical care and services to this community in need. San Ysidro Health stepped in with resources and our commitment to our mission to serve.
It was not a business decision—it was a mission decision. It was a decision that is reflective of San Ysidro Health’s history—begun by a group of mothers in the border community of San Ysidro—a community no one was serving. Again, our story.

For most of us, the challenges of becoming a refugee, moving to a country where your language is unusual, your culture is underrepresented, and your personal life experiences hard to share because of the trauma you’ve suffered, are all things we will never have to go through.

For our patients in El Cajon, this is their story. The wars in the Middle East have been on-going for decades. The devastation the civilian population has suffered is unimaginable. The images we see on the news are just a snapshot of their culture under siege. These are the stories that inspire us, and we hope inspire you.

Funding the continuation of the critical social services behavioral health and medical needs in East County is reflective of San Ysidro Health’s commitment to make a difference where others might steer clear. San Ysidro Health’s mission has always been to provide excellent health services to all.

Ensuring Health Care Access for All

Parenting is hard no matter what. But when you are young, unmarried and don’t have the resources to care for your baby, it is especially so.

Kritzia & Brian came to San Ysidro Health for their prenatal care. Our Family Resource Center followed their progress, and the medical staff ensured Kritzia got the medical care she needed. Kritzia & Brian attended their prenatal visits and took advantage of every opportunity to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery. All their dedication paid off, and their baby was born healthy and strong. Kritzia & Brian are committed to providing her a good life.

That is when the really hard work comes in—and San Ysidro Health is there for them. We provide counseling, nutrition education, lactation education and more. For example, when Kritzia & Brian let the Family Resource Center know they didn’t have access to a car seat, the staff person leapt into action and gave them a new, safe car seat.

This is just one example of how San Ysidro Health team members go above and beyond to ensure our patients have the support they need to live healthy and happy lives.

We will continue to be a partner in health with Kritzia & Brian and their baby as long as they need us—providing excellent, compassionate care.

A Tale of the Extraordinary

San Ysidro Health is a place where children come to get the care they need to grow into strong and healthy adults. We have invested in the health of our children for nearly 50 years, and payoff has been huge. Ten of thousands of children have grown into healthy, successful adults because of the extraordinary, compassionate and comprehensive care we provide.

An example of extraordinary is the recent care provided by a San Ysidro Health WIC nutrition aide to a new client. The aide discovered that her client in need of services had fled her home due to domestic violence. This soon-to-be mother had left everything, including all the supplies she had gathered for her soon-to-be born baby. Our WIC staffer listened to this story of desperation and went into action. She gathered baby gear and supplies from her sources to ensure this expectant mother would be greeted with a surprise ‘mini baby shower’ at her next appointment. The client was wowed by this extraordinary effort and shared the story with the supervisor.

This powerful personal commitment and our staff’s gesture of kindness is just one of thousands of stories of extraordinary care our staff and volunteers provide every day. San Ysidro Health has lived this commitment for nearly 50 years, but to continue we need your support. Please consider a gift to make a difference in the lives of patients in our community. You, too, can be extraordinary!