The Patch

What it is: A small patch that sticks onto skin

How to use it:  you can put it on your hip, upper arms, back or shoulders

How it works

Week 1 -3: Stick patch on clean, dry skin. leave on for 7 days, take patch off and put a new one on a different body part. Change it on the same day every week. Week 4: Remove patch and DO NOT put on new patch. wait 7 days. put on a new patch (start again).

Side effects

Skin rash or redness where patch is placed, changes in your period, breast tenderness, headaches and nausea


Stays on even if you: shower, exercise or swim

Easy to check

Regulates menstrual cycle.


Need to remember to change it every week.

Can be visible.

it may leave stickiness on skin.