Teachers and Community Partner Resource List

We always want our Teachers and Community Partners to have the resources they need to help their students or clients. Below is information to better serve our population.

Click on the links below to access these helpful websites.

​Teaching Curriculum Support:

Advocates for Youth Rights, Respect, Responsibility Curriculum Website 

Advocates for Youth Rights, Respect, Responsibility Curriculum En Español 

3 R’s Curriculum Links List 

San Ysidro Health Teen Clinic Health Education Request form  

San Diego Unified Teacher Resource List 

California Healthy Youth Act Webinar 

Human Trafficking Webinar 

Compliance Questions:

California Healthy Youth Act Ed Code 

CHYA Help or Questions 

HIPPA and FERPA Information 

Mandated Reporting Grid 

STI Information

HPV Vaccinhttps://web.archive.org/web/20ation FAQs for Parents

San Diego County STI Statistics 

Gender and Sexual Orientation Information:

The Trevor Project (Resources and help for LGBTQA+ Youth)

The Center San Diego (local resource center for LGBTQA+ Youth and their families)

CHIP (Comprehensive High Impact Prevention Group) - Provides counseling, groups and other resources to LGBTQA+ south bay residents

It’s Pronounced Metrosexual - A website that teaches people about gender, sexuality and social justice, includes the gender bread person graphic)

Mental Health Services and Resources:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255)

24 Hour Crisis Response​ (800)479-3339

Girls Town and Boys Town 24 Hour Teen Hotline​ (800) 448-3000

Youth to Youth Hotline Youth Hotline (866) 222-1886

California Youth Crisis Line (800) 843-5200

Abuse Hotline (800) 422-4453

Alcohol and Drugs Hotline (800) 252-6465

Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence Resources:

Center for Community Solutions  - Local resource and crisis center for people experiencing Intimate Partner Violence and  Sexual Assault

Love is Respect  - Teen dating and relationship violence website, assessment tools and resources 

Educational Websites:

Planned Parenthood 

Planned Parenthood for Educators (Digital tools)

National Campaign to Prevent Teenage and Unplanned Pregnancy 

Bedsider  - Educational, articles about birth control, posters and other materials available to purchase,  links to resources for obtaining birth control 

Essential Access - Essential Access Health promotes quality sexual + reproductive health care for all

The Kickback  - Teens view effective responses to avoid risky situations and then choose how they handle similar situations)

What’s your Future Plan?  - Description: Teens identify their plans for the future, consider the impact having a child could have on those plans, and set short term goals to help meet their long term goals)

App-Based Reproductive Health Tools:

My Birth Control  - Teen girls answer a series of questions designed to identify what methods of birth control will best meet their needs)

Condom Finder - App to find free condoms in your area

Pink Pad - Period tracker for Apple IOS

Fertility Friend  - Period tracker for Android phones

Awkward or Not?  - Teens explore their feelings about talking to their parents about sex and relationships and are encouraged to start the conversation

Teen Clinic and Reproductive Health Services Information:

San Ysidro Health Teen Clinic 

Family Pact  - Description: Family Planning health insurance plan provided by California that allows individuals free access to reproductive health services

Planned Parenthood Southwest- Chula Vista Location

Middle School Aged Teen Resources:

Amaze - Description: videos/cartoons for middle school aged teens around puberty, sexual orientation, gender identity, personal safety, healthy relationships, HIV and STIs, Pregnancy and Reproduction

What’s your love personality?  - Description: ​For Girls, take a quiz to find out what type you are when it comes to love and sex)

Where do you stand?  - Description: Teens explore their beliefs about having sex and waiting to have sex and are encouraged to set an intention to wait to have sex

High School Aged Resources:

Tea Consent  - Video equating tea to sex and consent

Been There. Done That - Teens explore their beliefs about using condoms and birth control through viewing videos of other teens sharing their beliefs and are encouraged to set an intention to use both condoms and birth control when they have sex

It Takes Two - Teens view videos of other teens talking about their use of condoms and birth control to encourage accurate and consistent use

Fast Forward - Teens identify their plans for the future, consider what impact having a child could have on those plans, and set short term goals to help meet their long term goals