Meet our Teen Clinic Team

Martha Valdivia


Hi, I’m Martha. I have a background in social work and I love working in community settings. I have a passion for empowering and supporting people to be the best version of themselves while utilizing all the resources and human connections in their environment. In my free time, I love learning about self-improvement habits, investing & finances, mindfulness, and how to care for lovely plants that I can never keep alive. My go to activities are yoga, visiting national parks or swimming around in any body of water; I love the ocean and sinkholes!

Desiree Longoria


I enjoy exploring new places and trying new things, preferably with family/friends. I travel with my husband as much as I can in my free time because I believe the world is a lot bigger than our everyday life and its worth exploring.

Bianca Padilla


I enjoy traveling and discovering new places. I love being with my friends while having good food and drinks, reading books and spending time with my family.

Melissa Surposa 


Some fun facts about me: I have 1 cat that I adore; I enjoy reading books and have a yearly book challenge for myself; I travel whenever I can (my favorite country to travel is Mexico); I enjoy going for long walks at the beach.

Samantha Sidline


My name is Samantha, and while I’m originally from the Pacific Northwest, my heart is in San Diego. I love traveling to new places and spending time exploring the outdoors as much as I love working with people and listening to their stories. I believe that education is a key tool of empowerment, and I love working with patients and students to help them make the best personal decisions for their own health and well-being.