Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Anonymous Question Box allows you to ask any question about sex, STDs or everyday life without sharing any personal information. These questions will remain completely anonymous, and the answers may be posted in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section below.

Common Teen Health Questions:

How old do I have to be to go to Teen Clinic?

We see teens and young adults ages 12-24.

Do I need my parents’ permission?

No! We are a PARENT FREE clinic.

How much do services cost?

All of our services are FREE thanks to the FPACT program.

Will my visit be confidential?

Yes! We will not share your information with anyone.

What can I expect during my first visit?

You will fill out some forms, our Medical Assistant will take your vitals and then you will meet with the Health Educator. You can learn more about it here

How can I make an appointment? 

Call or text us at (619) 800-8336. Visit our Contact Us page for more info. 

Who can I talk to if I’m having problems?

Hi! Please text or call us at (619) 800-8336. Our health educator is available to talk to you about anything.

I heard that having your vagina shaved increases the risk for vaginal problems. Is that true?

Hey! Shaving the vaginal area can lead to razor burn or irritation. If you are using shaving products like shaving cream, make sure that the product doesn't go inside of the vagina. If products go inside of the vagina, it can mess with the vagina's environment and cause a UTI, yeast infection or bacterial vaginitis. If you're experiencing vaginal problems, please contact us to set up an appointment. 

I have the implant and it's still not time to remove it, but I was wondering - when it's time, where should I go to get it removed??

We are not able to personally contact you since this question box is anonymous. Please call or text (619) 800-8336 to schedule an appointment to have your implant removed.