Patient Portal Transition

Please read below for important updates on your patient portal account with San Ysidro Health!

Updates to Your Patient Portal Account:

Beginning on October 9th, SYHealth will start transitioning to an exciting, new patient portal called MySanYsidroHealth.

MySanYsidroHealth will provide patients with many benefits, including:

• Accessing all health information in one place

• Scheduling certain appointments online

• Sending messages to your care team

• More tools to take care of your health and your family’s health

Unfortunately, your existing portal account will not automatically transfer over as part of this transition.

As of October 18th, all previous patient portal accounts in our old system will be deactivated and MySanYsidroHealth will become fully available for patient use. Please be aware that your patient information will not be deleted, it will be securely transferred into our new MySanYsidroHealth portal.

We highly recommend that you sign up for MySanYsidroHealth to maintain your portal access and take advantage of these exciting, new benefits.

Click on the button below to go to visit our MySanYsidroHealth webpage to learn more about the system benefits and to sign up!

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