Information on how to join a GoToMeeting Video Call


Before joining the GoToMeeting, you must check and have: Internet Connection (high speed and wired connection preferred)

  • Audio connection (microphone and speakers to use Voice-over-IP)
  • Make sure you have a Camera and that it’s enabled. Or use your phone to call if using desktop for video (the # to call is available in the invite)
  • Upon receiving the invite via Phone Text, click on the link and you will see this information in the body of the appointment meeting invite.
  • Please click the link to join the meeting on the date and time of the appointment.

You will be admitted to the meeting once the Health Educator enters the meeting.

You have lots of options when it comes to joining a GoToMeeting session:

1- Simply click on the link and join which might ask you to select a browser. Chrome is preferred.

2- When you click download the app:

3- You will be launched into the meeting:

Another way to join the meeting is by typing URL:

4- Click on join on the right top corner:

5- Enter the Meeting ID # from the invite you received:

If on a mobile device:

1- Download the phone app

2- Open the app and enter the meeting ID which is available on the invite. ‍


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