Below you will find a glossary of words and terms you may encounter as you make your way through the San Ysidro Health patient portal.


Certified Eligibility Specialist / CES’s

These professional care advocates, also known as CES’s, are located at every SYHC clinic. Certified Eligibility Specialists can help you to apply for various public health insurance programs and coverage alternatives in order to help pay for your healthcare needs.

Child Health and Disability Prevention ( CHDP )

A program which provides periodic health assessment services and medical treatment to California’s children and teens.

County Medical Services ( CMS )

A specially developed funding program which helps uninsured adult residents of San Diego County access proper medical care.

Every Woman Counts ( EWC )

A public health program which provides free clinical breast exams, mammograms, pelvic exams and pap tests to women.

Family Planning, Access, Care, and Treatment ( F-PACT )

A public health program for, both, female and male patients which provides no-cost pregnancy prevention services, including contraceptives, as well as easy access to sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention services and education.


Qualifying documents may include your most recent paycheck stub, your most recent tax return, or a signed/dated letter from your current employer which states your pay rate.  If self-employed, your current profit and loss statements may be acceptable for review.


A contract of coverage with SYHC which shall pay for your healthcare services.

Low Income Health Program ( LIHP )

A public health program for uninsured adults which provides comprehensive medical services, including hospital services and behavioral health services.


A public health insurance program which provides coverage for required health care services for low-income individuals, including families with children, seniors, and persons with disabilities.

Patient Access Representatives / PAR’s

These professional care advocates, also known as PAR’s, are located at every SYHC clinic.  These very knowledgeable SYHC employees assist patients and guests with various steps which may be required on the path to receiving great care from, both, SYHC’s clinical and support services, including:  patient registration, insurance verification, appointment creation & notification, point-of-service co-payments, scheduling assistance for interpreters & free transportation, and more.

Prenatal Cash Discount Program

A low-cost, prepaid program offered by SYHC for pregnancy-related services.

Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women ( PE )

Medi-Cal’s public health program designed to provide immediate, temporary coverage for prenatal care for low-income pregnant women, pending a formal Medi-Cal application.

Primary Care Provider ( PCP )

This is your primary physician, the doctor who you will see at your appointments and who shall help you to manage your overall healthcare requirements.

Proof of Address

Qualifying documents may include a recent utility bill with your current service address, a residential rental agreement, your most recent rent payment receipt, or a current mortgage payment coupon or statement which displays your address.

Proof of Identity

Qualifying documents may include a valid driver’s license or other photo identification card, or any one of the following documents: a United States birth certificate, a valid United States passport, a valid Certificate of Naturalization, or a valid Permanent Resident Card.  Please speak to a SYHC Patient Access Representative or Certified Application Assistant / CAA for a complete list of qualifying documents.

Sliding Scale Fee Discount Program

A helpful SYHC program which offers significantly lower medical and dental costs to its uninsured registered patients who may not be eligible for public assistance health care programs.

Social Services

SYHC’s in-house social workers, who can connect patients with a variety of family support service programs and provide referrals, as necessary.

Teen Health Services

SYHC has several special programs which are dedicated to addressing the needs of our teenage patients, including our increasingly popular Teen Clinic and our behavioral health services.


Refers to patients with medical insurance coverage which does not cover the total cost of their provided services.

Unearned Income

Refers to non-wage types of income, including items such as child support, alimony, SSI, DSSI or unemployment payments.


Refers to patients with no medical and/or dental insurance coverage.

Urgent Care

Different from emergency care, urgent care provides walk-in / non-appointment based medical treatment and services which, among other differences, would not require the patient to be hospitalized.  SYHC operates its South Bay Family Health & Urgent Care Center which features, both, extended weekday hours & weekend hours.  This clinic is conveniently located at 340 4th Avenue, Suite 7, Chula Vista, CA 91910.

Well Child Exam

A complete physical examination for children and adolescents.


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