Refilling a Prescription

Go to My Record > Medications to see all of your current medications in one place and request a refill.

You can see details for each medication, including the prescribed dosage, instructions, and the physician who prescribed the medication. You can view additional information about a medication, such as precautions to consider when taking the medication and potential side effects, by clicking the Learn more link.

Step 1

Click on Menu.

Step 2

Go to Medications.

Step 3

From the medication list, click Request Refills.

Step 4

Select the checkbox next to the medication you need refilled and enter any comments. Click Next.

Step 5

Select a delivery method, pharmacy, and pickup date and time that's convenient for you, if applicable. Click Next.

Step 6

Review the details of your refill request and click Submit.

You will receive a message in your MySanYsidroHealth Inbox when your prescription refill is processed.

Please Note: You can request refills only for prescriptions that were filled at a pharmacy within your healthcare organization. If you need a medication refill for a prescription at an external pharmacy (for example, Walgreens or CVS), you'll have to contact that pharmacy to request a refill.

If your prescription is delayed or requires action before the pharmacy can fill it, a banner appears under the medication name in MySanYsidroHealth. Review the banner to determine your next step to keep the fill moving. You might need to update a credit card or wait until the pharmacy receives a shipment of the medication.