HIV Testing & Prevention

Below you will find assorted resources and programs to help you stay informed, stay safe and stay proactive in the prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.

HIV Testing

We also continue to see that Latinos, African-Americans and the LGBT communities are the most disproportionately affected groups regarding new infections. This is one of the reasons why San Ysidro Health continues to be on the forefront advocating for increased HIV testing within these communities.

We are conducting in-person HIV testing, in addition to offering free self-testing HIV kits. If you would like an HIV test in-person or to pick-up a self-test kit, click here to review eligible locations or for more information call (619) 662-4122.


PrEP stands for Pre-exposure Prophylaxis and it is a new HIV prevention tool that can help reduce your risk of acquiring HIV by taking medication once per day. PrEP is a new and innovative way to add an extra level of protection against HIV for those that are HIV-negative and at risk of contracting HIV. PEP stands for post-exposure prophylaxis and it is a regimen of medications that can prevent someone from acquiring HIV after they have been exposed to the virus. If an exposure happens, you have 72 hours to start PEP for it to be effective. 

Our staff will work individually with HIV-negative individuals who are looking to start PrEP to navigate the entire process from the initial doctor’s visit, acquiring medications, and helping to remind clients of their follow-up visits. Our PrEP navigators also assist patients with enrolling into programs necessary to cover most or all of the costs associated with PrEP/PEP medical visits and medications. These programs cover PrEP costs for individuals with or without insurance. 

Please see our PrEP page for more information about how to get started on PrEP!

Condom Finder

San Ysidro Health collaborates with the San Diego Condom Distribution Program that provides free condoms and lube at various locations throughout San Diego County. Please see the map below for locations where you can pick up free condoms and lube throughout the entire County of San Diego.