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CHIP is an outreach program by San Ysidro Health, providing the HIV community with resources, programs, services, testing and more. CHIP strives to address the racial disparities that exist in relation to the HIV epidemic.


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PUMP Events

We are a group of young queer men of color in San Diego.

Through the CHIP program, we have formed a social group that we named "PUMP". The focus of the group is to create a space where everyone feels free to express their individuality, make friends and find support to live your best life.    

Interested in joining us?  
Check us out on Instagram @pump619.

Get a Home HIV Test

While HIV is no longer the death sentence that it used to be, it remains a very serious and life-changing virus. If you or someone you know may or has been exposed to HIV though sex or drugs, take an HIV test as soon as possible.

Fill Out the Post-Test Survey

If you've recently had an HIV test sent out to you, complete the post-test survey to receive your $15 gift card.

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1637 3rd Ave Suite K
Chula Vista, CA 91911

Phone: (619) 800-8336
Email: chip.syhc@gmail.com
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